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Vivendi create Joy Fund for young people
Vivendi create Joy Fund for young people

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Vivendi supports projects dedicated to disadvantaged young people through its Create Joy Fund.

Its mission is to bring joy and help these young people achieve their full potential through Vivendi’s activities.

The Vivendi Create Joy Fund supports over 30 projects each year in France, in the UK and in Africa.


Talent is everywhere – but not always where you expect it to be. Everyone has talent. The Vivendi Create Joy program aims to support projects that reach a wider and more disadvantaged population. Through the arts projects funded by Vivendi Create Joy, young people are offered a chance to discover their talents, learn to value their unique personalities and build confidence in themselves. Vivendi Create Joy is an integral part of Vivendi’s commitment to equal opportunity.

Nature of and criteria for projects

- The projects supported by Vivendi Create Joy meet the following criteria:
- Their beneficiaries are sick, troubled, at-risk or disadvantaged young people (11-25 years old).
- The projects are carried out in the following countries: France, the United Kingdom and Africa.
- They relate to Vivendi’s business segments: music, film, television, journalism, video games and digital content creation.
- The projects have the potential to reveal personal talent, develop self-confidence and bring happiness.
- The projects encourage vocational training for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are unfamiliar with professional networks to to develop their passion and talent for one of the group’s businesses.

For further information, contact the Vivendi team.