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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Medium and Small Enterprises - Libro
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Medium and Small Enterprises - Libro

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are a growing topic among small- and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs, and it is completely clear that CRM is a tool that businesses should have in place to manage sales processes. Teams of salespeople must have a system to run their daily activities, and small businesses and solopreneurs must track their marketing effort, a functioning structure for maintaining their contacts with prospects and clients to improve the effectiveness of their sales effort. CRM, once only available to large corporations, is now powerful technology for small and medium businesses. Small and medium businesses are now able to implement CRM solutions under a more cost-effective balance as an alternative to traditional tools like Salesforce, Dynamics, or Oracle. The reason for the success is mainly the simplicity of the new tools and solutions that have been developed for the management of sales processes.

This book discusses how to implement a CRM from the perspective of the businessperson—not the more typical IT consultant or the technical staff. It benefits business development, sales management, and sales process control. Small business owners must understand why and how implementing a CRM will create value for their business—how it will focus on business development, sales management, and how sales leads develop into happy customers. Small business owners must first understand what a CRM system is, how it works, what its main functions are, and how it serves to manage workflows in the company’s sales department.

Generally, entrepreneurs struggle to find the time to read and study complex and fully comprehensive books. This book provides direct operational guidelines to those who need easy-to-read information about how to use CRM effectively. Business professionals must be able to set up CRM systems and avoid mistakes and wasting time. This book provides an overview of what can be done with CRM and how it happens to empower businesspeople to find new customers and win business opportunities.

This book discusses the logic of CRM in sales, giving tips and explanations on why and what happens when CRM is implemented in a specific way. Essentially, this book gives the entrepreneur the know-how behind CRM in sales in general terms, supporting enhanced customer relationships.