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The visionary and pioneer Wim Ouboter invented the Micro Scooter and Kickboard and turned it into a Lifestyle Product, which is now distributed in more than 80 countries. His idea revolutionized the concept of urban mobility and the thinking of transportation in cities.

Together with his two sons he had the idea to create a space-saving and eco-friendly vehicle for urban mobility. On average, a car is only occupied by 1.2 people and drives 35 kilometers per day. This means that normal cars are too big for most of their use! The ideal vehicle for urban use should therefore be a mix between a motorbike and a car.

These types of vehicles, also called bubble cars, were very popular in the 50ies, because people wanted more comfort than on a motorbike but could not afford a real car. With rising living standards the demand decreased and most manufacturers have stopped production of their bubble cars by 1962.

Made in Germany

Due to high demand we transferred our production line from Italy to Germany in December 2018. Start of production is planned in a 3,000 m² factory hall in Delbrück-Hagen as of January 2019. The long-term, maximum production capacity is planned to be 8,000 vehicles per year. The first deliveries to Swiss customers will take place in spring 2019 and in mid-2019, to German buyers as well. Sales into other European countries will follow soon thereafter. In countries outside of Europe we will grant licenses to manufacturers, thus allowing assembly and distribution to be organized locally. This licensing system ensures local jobs, avoids high import duties (e.g. in Brazil) and reduces CO2 emissions as a result of shorter transportation routes.


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