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Richiesta servizio di noleggio Camion con GRU e Carrelli elevatori
Richiesta servizio di noleggio Camion con GRU e Carrelli elevatori Inserito da    Diventa Premium per vedere chi ha inserito

Inserito il 31-10-2018

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Impresa edile che opera da anni nel settore ed è specializzata in opere pubbliche, richiede servizio di noleggio di Camion con GRU, carrelli elevatori, con la possibilità anche di effettuare operazioni di carico e scarico materiale con gru.


Pasquale Bianchi FINAL WASTE RESOLUTION   Inertizing Waste Treatment ENG. BIANCHI PASQUALE   Via Principe Amedeo n. 133         74123 TARANTO         Tel. 320. 4667757 The adoption of this treatment, in addition to being 15 years in advance based on what is disposed and established by the European Directives 850 and 851 of 2018, will make it possible to get rid the Waste Problem, eliminate bad odors and stink in a few hours, abolish landfills and in addiction to obtain the 100% of recoverable waste collection. “STABILIZATION - INERTIZING - WASTE PASSIVATION RSU”     TREATMENT OF RAIN IRRORATION OF WASTE. As an alternative to waste disposal at landfill sites, it is possible to carry out the inertization treatment of waste with a "RAIN" system (similar to the sprinkling of water on the lawns) with inerting liquid, obtaining excellent results regarding the reduction of bad odors, of the rotting of waste, presence of insects, as well as enhancing waste by extracting all recyclable or useful materials and having no more residue to dispose of in landfills. But in addition to the simple Inerting System, the construction of the Treatment Plant has a low cost and also the Cost of Rain Treatment is modest, about 3-4 euro cents per 1 kg of waste (0.03 - 0.04 € / kg) making a brief sprinkling of the solution by means of hydrants or fixed or mobile sprayers at each waste input. In particular, in addition to compliance with the Directives 1999/31 / CE of 16.07.99 - 16.07.2001, Regulation 1882/2003 (CE) of 20.11.03 and Decree n ° 36 of 13.01.03, Legislative Decree 3 April 2006, n. 152 , also the European Directives 850 and 851 of 2018 relating to European legislation are implemented: GUUE of June 14, 2018. Entry into force: July 4, 2018. The four directives of the "circular economy package" were published in the OJEU of 14 June 2018 and will have to be implemented by the Member States by 5 July 2020. The expected recycling targets are: 1) urban waste: at least 55% by 2025, 60% by 2030 and 65% by 2035; 2) landfills: up to a maximum of 10% by 2035 (decreasing); 3) packaging recycling: 65% of packaging by 2025 and 70% by 2030; The specific characteristics of the inertizing treatment will be indicated: 1) Absence or reduction of the unpleasant odors of waste after a very short time from treatment. 2) Absence or reduction of rot-rottenness, of particular insects and animals. 3) Stabilization-inertization of the treated waste with elimination or reduction of the dispersion of heavy-cation metals. 4) Optimization and increased extraction-production of biogas. 5) Percolation of inerting substances with frequent stabilization of the various layers. 6) Inalterability to the combustion of inert waste and improvement of the fumes. 7) Non-flammable, non-combustible and non-polluting inerting compound. 8) Optimization of chemical-physical characteristics of the surface and layers of the ground 9) Unchanged volume capacity-filling capacity of storage locations. 10) Low cost of inerting compound and treatment. 11) Easy-quick application of the inerting compound and in natural weather conditions. 12) Rapid treatment stabilization effect, excellent leaching test results. 13) Limited use and consumption of energy. 14) Cold process treatment carried out in the same collection environment. 15) No production of heat, fumes and harmful substances. 16) Simple treatment system and absence of processing residues. Inertial Treatment may be carried out for any RSU refusal as it is and also for waste: - CDR - FOS - CSS - CONSIDERATIONS - SPECIFICATIONS Regarding the current disposal of waste to be landfilled, the advantages of not having to refill the landfill with layers of earth about 15-25cm thick, (based on the deposited waste layer) are highlighted. This is how it is achieved a considerable reduction-elimination of the costs of picking up, transporting and spreading the land, and above all by not reducing the capacity of the landfill, which can therefore store a greater quantity of waste compared to the estimated quantity in the case of use of layers of earth to cover the waste and eliminate the problems of unpleasant odors and waste rotting. For all the regions of Italy and the world itself it would be desirable for the protection of public health and for the protection of the environment that all waste to be landfilled and all waste to be deposited and used as fuel could receive passivation treatment and inertization. In this way after a certain period in temporary storage centers it will be possible to extract every useful and recyclable element from the waste, with high gains and less waste of raw materials and subsequently the dry, inert residual organic can be completely eliminated the different ways. The Patented Method of Passivation, Stabilization and Inerting is easy to apply, efficient and rapid in the result, economical in treatment, fast in the process, reduces or eliminates rot and odors, avoids or limits the transfer of heavy metals and cations. It is a cold treatment without emission of fumes, without altering the characteristics of the treated waste, with little use of energy and allows both the production of energy with the combustion of waste with high calorific power and other uses, thus being able to cancel the annual quantity of waste produced and therefore solve the problems of waste produced every day but also the problems related to waste already accumulated and deposited as they would be made inert without producing more odors and therefore not only improving the environment but also recovering those unhealthy places making them less polluting and aggressive and wishing also recoverable. What is certain is that this system of inerting urban RSU has various favorable and positive requirements such as: - Low cost of realization, easy inerting system, almost total reduction of the stench, of rotting, of leachates, of heavy metals. - Possibility after being dried or even wet to be processed by extracting all recyclable materials in this way a complete and total 100% separate collection is obtained, without making the waste collection from any habitation( called door to door system) and thus reducing costs, and finally the waste inert organic residue that can be used as a fertilizer as it is clean or can be placed in waste-to-energy plants possessing high caloric value to obtain energy. Furthermore, a fundamental aspect is that by operating in this way, landfills are completely eliminated, so there will no longer be any waste residual and every year the amount of waste collected in urban centers will be canceled with total disposal and maximum recycling. As can be seen, they are all important and beneficial requirements for the environment and for everyone. Dr. Eng. IMPORTANT With this invention Italy is ahead of Europe by 15 years compared to what is indicated and required by European Directives 850 and 851 of July 2018 regarding: 1) the type of landfill, 2) waste to be disposed of, 3) separate collection, 4) treatment and preliminary management of waste, 5) reduction of the weight and volume of the waste to be landfilled, 6) energy to be extracted. This treatment can be used to eliminate both the unpleasant odors of the waste and to make inert the waste and to be able to reuse it in a hygienic and non-smelly environment with a reduction in the volume of the mass of waste. The innovative Inertizing system allows you to fulfill all the requirements of the European directives 15 years in advance and be so first in Europe. Eng.
Pasquale Bianchi Se può  interessare....vorrei  parlarti dei miei Brevetti... di alcune mie innovazioni  che potresti  trasmettere ad aziende che desiderano realizzare brevetti esclusivi di gran pregio e senza concorrenvarie invenzioni ho realizzato un composto per sbiancare i denti davvero eccezionale, un composto per dimagrire, un altro per smettere di fumare , un altro detergente viso e tanti tanti altri, inoltre possiedo circa un centinaio di altre invenzioni se hai piacere posso inviarti un elenco con alcune delle varie ideazioni.  GrazieOggetto: Brevetti ed Invenzioni.   Ing.  Pasquale  BIANCHI         via  F. Di Palma n. 89             74123  Taranto ELENCO DI    ALCUNE  INVENZIONI - Ideatore  Ing. Pasquale  Bianchi - Allego un breve elenco delle mie ultime invenzioni, sono ideazioni e innovazioni di vario generee in differenti settori per diversi tipi di aziende. Prodotti per : Energia, antifumo, palestre, casalingo, cucina, sport, rifiuti, malati, agricoltura, giardinaggio, rifiuti, infissi, serramenti, rasatura corpo, automobili, bimbi, giochi ed ancora tanti altri generi. Invenzioni di sistemi e componenti innovativi: > 1) varie macchine ed attrezzi da palestra > 2) biciginno-palestra > 3) attrezzo ginnico per acqua ( lago, fiume, mare ) > 4) letto ospedaliero da casa per lunghe degenze anti decubito > 5) climatizzatore scaldante e refrigerante antibatterico > 6) composto inertizzanti per rifiuti in discarica e ottenimento di energia con termovalorizzatore > 7) carrozzina bimbo trasformabile: seggiolone, culletta, seggiolino auto, passeggino, girello, dondolino, primi passi, ovetto. > 8) nuovo e rivoluzionario sistema di tergicristalli auto > 9) nuovo esclusivo sistema paraurti auto > 10) nuova esclusiva molletta per asciugare il bucato > 11) lettino da sole a dondolo chiudibile e trasportabile > 12) nuovo ombrellone regolabile e modificabile > 13) nuovo e rivoluzionario rasoio da barba usa e getta > 14) nuovo e rivoluzionario sistema di serratura multichiave > 15) nuova spina elettrica adattabile a tutte le prese internazionali > 16) olio crema antifumo per smettere di fumare > 17) nuovo guanto per raccolta frutta > 18) nuovo sistema micro eolico per produrre energia elettrica ovunque(case, campagna, strade) > 19) nuova chiusura lampo per gonne , maglie e pantaloni > 20) water closed esistente trasformabile anche usobidèt > 21) nuovo tipo di cassaforma resistente per C.C.A. Modellabile > 22) piatto di carta che diventa anche copri piatto > 23) piatto per feste e party > 24) paletta usa e getta per pulire escrementi cane > 25) stampelle stabili > 26) nuovo sistema igienico di chiusura lattine > 27) scatola termica modellabile all'uso > 28) sotto tacchi sostituibili > 29) nuovo sistema di illuminazione per strade carrabili > 30) nuovo utensile di gira vite > 31) automobile elettrica ricaricabile a risparmio energetico > 32) nuovo genere di lavatrice > 33) nuovo tappo per bottiglie refrigeranti e tappo chiusura stagna > 34) vari giochi di società per casa > 35) nuovo barbecue casa giardino > 36) nuovo cappello protettivo antipioggia > 37) vaso per piante con irrigazione saltuaria  > 38) Nuovo pattino da ghiaccio . > E tante altre invenzioni non riportate in elenco. > email :  pasqualebianchipb@libero.it Tel. 320 4667757 . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Se hai conoscenze di imprenditori o investitori comunica loro della possibilità di produrre innovazioni, non solo quelle in elenco. Grazie
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