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Settore: Energia e ambiente

Inserito il 14-03-2018

Piattaforma: Recruiting

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Manufacturing is everything we do. It’s our passion.

Which is why we’re the world’s leading designer and producer of energy and communications cables today. Every day, our engineers make a difference. Pushing the frontiers of project delivery and innovation to create something extraordinary. But we’re always looking for the engineers of tomorrow.

What is the Make It Program?

Our "Make It" manufacturing program is unique. You'll be highly visible from day one, and along with a competitive salary package, customized to best suit your needs, you'll have the opportunity to partner, and learn from, a highly skilled mentor, as well as the chance to shape the future from day one in a challenging role at one of our largest facilities. Over 4 years, you'll expand your knowledge and develop your skills, as part of a comprehensive career program, designed to immerse you in the business from day one.


- Good coordination internally & externally to ensure compliance to applicable standard are met :
- Internal with Quality team ; Quality Manager, inspector, and lab
- External with Production team, Process Engineer, Maintenance, Logistics
- Observe and propose process change for Quality improvement and RoutineTest Process Efficiency
- Actively involve in Problem Solving initiatives.


- Engineering degree
- 3-7 years experience in a relevant field
- Good level of English
- Previous experience in manufacturing environment from Quality Department / Production Department.
- Understand quality concepts : Incoming inspection, In process inspection, Finish product inspection, Calibration.
- Experience in handling quality audit : ISO9000, internal audit, execution and documentation
- Familiar with Problem solving tools : Six sigma, Fish bone diagram, Pareto analysis, 5Why, Scatter diagram.

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