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Skyline HD LIVE Webcam + Global Web Promoting & Advertising System
Skyline HD LIVE Webcam + Global Web Promoting & Advertising System

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"SkylineWebcams ""Global Web Promoting & Advertising System"" Best Locations, Tourism, Travel, Events, Culture, Art, Traditions, Music, Fashion, Business, Information National & International Global Web Advertising Campaigns Promotion of the territory & Tourism development Projects SkylineWebcams offer unlimited global web access to the best and/or more interesting locations involved into our system. Statistics show that the webcams webpages are clearly the most popular and most viewed destinations among website visitors; this fact reflects the increasing attention to this innovative and valuable form of communication, that is today successfully used for tourism and business purposes. Completely captured by the beauty of the places they're admiring, all visitors will choose their ideal holiday destination; however, apart from that, knowing in advance the ""real"" locations is today more important than ever for thousands of different reasons and needs. SkylineWebcams achieve a quality level never seen before with breathtaking images in real time and the capacity to serve thousands of simultaneous connections. Through our advanced technology and our amazing system we are going to generate millions of visits to any interested location: thus globally promoting and increasing their attractiveness and tourism while advertising their businesses. Contact: a.venturato@skylinewebcams.com"


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Outsider News Amazzonia: serve un accordo internazionale per co-gestire l’ultimo polmone del mondo http://www.outsidernews.it/amazzonia-serve-un-accordo-internazionale-per-co-gestire-lultimo-polmone-del-mondo/
Amazzonia: serve un accordo internazionale per co-gestire l'ultimo polmone del mondo | Outsider News - Media Company 4.0
La foresta amazzonica sta bruciando e questo rischia di compromettere il già traballante equilibrio climatico della Terra perchè l'Amazzonia è il vero polmone del mondo: assorbe più anidride carbonica di quanta ne produce e, quindi, restituisce aria fresca a tutto il pianeta.
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