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"TORRE ANTICA' WINES In the countryside around Cerignola, in the district of Corlèto, an ancient tower stands high and proud. It was built in about the 13 th century by the Knights of the Teutonic Order. The tower, used for defence, belonged to a series of buildings and vast land tenures making up the Balìa of Corleto, one of the biggest houses of the Teutonic Knights. The Balìa, a gift of Henry VI to the Order, was expanded and reached its maximum splendour thanks to his son, the Emperor Frederick II. A great deal of the three thousand hectares around the tower were used for vine growing which guaranteed revenue to the order until 1483, when the Balìa was taken from the Teutonic Knights and became concistorial of the Cardinals designated by the Holy See. Today, thanks to the wine cellars which produce the 'Torre Antica' wines, one of the most prestigious brands of the 'Barone di Castrì' farm, which owes its name to the owner, Baron Francesco Damiano Pugliese, Official Supplier of Wines and Spumanti to the Royal Norman House of Altavilla , the wine has once again become the protagonist in the lands which were once those of the Teutonic Knights and the vineyards express the best of the Apulian wine-making history. The work in the wine cellar is dedicated to the original vines of the land like Uva di Troia, Trebbiano, Sangiovese, Bombino Nero, Negroamaro and Greco; there are also Merlot and Cabernet on the hills of the area which, exposed to the warm southern winds, acquire unexpected flavours. In the vines, the descendents of generations of farmers, from the Teutonic knights onwards, saw a succession of periods and dominations without abandoning their land, patiently waiting the time for a new harvest."