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Social media marketing: how to move from advertising to building relationships
Social media marketing: how to move from advertising to building relationships

Inserito da      Alessandra Salimbene

Settore: Marketing e comunicazione

Luogo: Ginevra

Data: Dal: 07-07-2017 - a: 07-07-2017

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With the advent of social media, communication has emerged as a new revolution: while the internet and the web have long been the focus of corporate promotion and marketing mechanisms, social media has shifted the focus from informational, propositional to relational communication.

Over 60% of sites and information are accessed by users through social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp) that have an exquisitely relational nature. This mode of interaction has largely exceeded searches through Google and other direct access modes.

What does all this mean for the translation company?

It means a great opportunity to get in touch with your market through a conversation that is increasingly a human-to-human dialogue and less and less a brand-consumer relationship. Capturing this opportunity means gaining the ability to create a specific, loyal marketplace, to be more competitive and to have the ability to be chosen for competence and professionalism thanks to a content marketing strategy.

Working with content achieves two goals:

To become known as benchmarks
To educate customers to appreciate the value of professional translation work
In this talk, Alessandra Salimbene will illustrate the state of the art of the major social network, with practical examples of business strategies within the b2b context, where prudent use of the relationship, in some cases personal branding and content marketing have proved to be winners in seemingly very complex market conditions.

Daniela Russo
Marketing e comunicazione


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