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Alberto Remondi

Amm. Delegato Busy Bee
denpasar () - Italia

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  • Nome Azienda: Busy Bee
  • Nome e Cognome: Alberto Remondi
  • CAP: 80422
  • Città: denpasar
  • Provincia:
  • Nazione: Italia
  • Lingua preferita: IT
  • Sito web: www.alfredfood.org
  • Settore: Agro-Alimentare

Curriculum vitae

" Italian, 52 years old, married, no children, 18 years in Indonesia, very good knowledge of territory and Bahasa Indonesia, more than 15 years in General Management and Food & Beverage Industry.  I see myself as a highly qualified, experienced and motivated professional with proven track record of contributing to operational, project and strategic management.  With my excellent marketing ideas, innovative branding, persistent marketing strategies, I posses the title of the opening and development of new markets as an additional value to the brand.  I further posses an excellent interpersonal communication and negotiation skill with the ability to maintain positive relationship, both internal and as well external.  I further enjoy been part of, as well as managing and motivating, a multicultural team and thrive in a challenging working environment.  Pleasant personality, flexible and able to absorb new ideas quickly, able to deal with stress, leadership through mutual respect, positive thinker, hardworking and efficient.  Well organized, with the ability to prioritize tasks and to manage time effectively.  Self motivated, creative and able to work with not Supervision. LANGUAGES : ITALIAN Mother Language ENGLISH Advanced INDONESIAN Advanced REFERENCES Lotus Restaurants Mr. Iskandar Giusti de Marle +62 361 70100 (Chairman Lotus Entreprises Group) Everest Indotekstil and Animale Factory Outlet Mr. Philippe Borrel +62 081 657 000 (General Manager PT. Indoraya, Animale Group) Nusa Dua Beach Hotel Mr. Danny McCafferty (Ex. General Manager Nusa Dua Beach Hotel) Mappamondo International Mr. Giancarlo Avancini +62 081 33823 5082 (Ex. Local Manager Mappamondo International) Francorosso International Mr. Nicola Scaramuzzino +62 081 657 9001 (General Manager Lotus Asia Tours) Bali & Beyond Magazine Edition July 2008(Dining and Delights) Personal Interview with Katy Robertson WORK EXPERIENCES: March 2009 - Present Company PT/PMA Busy Bee (International Food Production) Position *GENERAL MANAGER Responsibilities:  Open, Managing and Develop a new international food production.  Meet the targets for sales growth in the chosen areas and implement a sales plan.  Lead and motivate all managerial level, to achieve efficient operations and sales targets.  Responsible for Food and Beverage Department Budget.  Responsible for Food and Beverage Objective.  Maintains responsibility for sales, expenses and profit goals as outlined in the food & beverage department operating plans/budgets.  External sales activities, surveys and direct sales if necessary.  Maintain and upkeep hygiene standards.  Advice F&B junior management of any improvement needed in relation to the operation.  Provide constant coaching, counseling and discipline to managers to ensure their capability to meet the needs of the organization.  Exceeding monthly revenue budget.  Maintain public relationship with the customers.  Responsible for creating strategies to generate revenue.  Responsible for Staff Development Skill and Training.  Responsible for creating working environment.  Responsible for training plan activities.  Purchasing.  Including HR.  Answer only to the Shareholders' annual meeting. March 2006 - February 2009 Company PT. Indorest
Lotus Restaurants
(Lotus Enterprises Group) Position *RESTAURANTS DIRECTOR Responsibilities:  Managing 7 Restaurants between Bali and Lombok.  Supervision of 3 expatriate and 4 locals Managers, 2 expatriate and 5 locals Chefs, total up to 350 staffs.  Responsible for Food and Beverage Budget.  Responsible for Food and Beverage Objective.  Maintains responsibility for sales, expenses and profit goals in the food & beverage department.  Operating plans/budgets, while promoting the company goals of customer service and satisfaction, team work, reporting requirements and financial performance.  Fulfills the objectives of increased sales in the areas of group sales, corporate clients, banquets and meetings.  Implements a sales plan of action.  Outside sales efforts, guided site inspections and researching sales leads as necessary.  Lead and motivate all managerial level : Restaurant Managers and Staff Operational Manager to achieve efficient operations and sales targets/goals.  Maintain and upkeep hygiene standards.  Advise F&B Management of any improvement needed in relation to restaurants operation including updates to SOPs or addition of SOPs Monitor Customer satisfaction and respond customer feedback.  Responsible for planning festive season.  Responsible for new menu's creation with the Restaurant Manager and the Chef.  Responsible for providing excellent service to the guest.  Provide constant coaching, counselling and discipline to Restaurant Managers to ensure their capability to meet the needs of the customer and organization.  Exceeding monthly revenue budget.  Responsible for creating strategies to generate revenue.  Responsible for creating working environment.  Responsible for training plan activities.  Public Relations.  Marketing, commence advertising in local media.  Answer only to the owner. November 2002 - November 2006 Company PT. Everest Indotekstil (Animale Group international) Position *GENERAL MANAGER Responsibilities:  3000 square meter wholesale and retail international outlet.  Liaison between owner and global international customers.  Managing, promote and coordinate the operations of the company in a manner that will optimize the market share and savings, improve the company efficiency.  Supervision, public relations, marketing.  Help achieve the company's mission and goals and result in outstanding customer service  Service reporting, capital requirements and other duties as assigned by the owners.  Supervise sales staff.  Review daily reports.  Ensure employees have the knowledge and information needed to achieve market share growth Service.  Ensure all customers receive courteous and efficient service from all employees.  Promote outstanding customer service.  Answer only to the owner. September 2005
November 2006 Company Animale Factory Outlet (Animale Group International) Position *ADVISOR CONSULTANT Responsibilities:  As above but clothing not textiles. Season 2002 Company Mappamondo International (International Travel Company) Position *AREA MANAGER Responsibilities:  As below in Francorosso International.  Answer only to senior management in Italy. December 1999-February 2002 Company Nusa Dua Beach Hotel Bali (Five Star Hotel) Position *MANAGER REPRESENTATIVE Responsibilities:  As below but exclusive for Nusa Dua Beach Hotel.  Participate to the organization of the marketing plan for the season 2002 and 2003 with the senior management of the hotel.  Answer to the GM of the hotel and to the senior management. December 1998- December 1999 Company Francorosso International Bali (International Travel Company) Position *LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE Responsibilities:  Organization of up to 1000 Italian tourists monthly.  In up to 6 different 4/5 stars hotels.  Arranging hotel Accommodation, tours, ticketing and Public Relations.  Understanding customer requirements.  Ensuring the compliance of all the functions as per the standard.  Preparing Management Review Meeting Schedule and conducting Management Review Meetings.  Communicating to the Top Management on Quality issues and Non-conformities.  Measuring & Monitoring the process performance.  Initiate necessary corrective and preventive action.  Time to time review of all the functions, to check the effective implementation of Quality Management system.  Answering to the senior area Manager. ****Letters of reference will be provided upon request "