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Paolo Mario Aghem

YouShort s.r.l.
Start up
PARMA (PR) - Italia

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  • Nome Azienda: YouShort s.r.l.
  • Nome e Cognome: Paolo Mario Aghem
  • CAP: 43123
  • Città: PARMA
  • Provincia: PR
  • Nazione: Italia
  • Lingua preferita: EN
  • Sito web: http://youshortvideo.com
  • Settore: Start up


I’m a rare and prepared manager of consumer marketing that since the decade in Barilla Group decided to complete demanding job rotation to trade marketing dep.; I believe that today, especially in the FMCG distinguish the two activities doesn’t make sense, it is no longer reasonable to deal with the final consumer without considering the constraints and opportunities related to distribution.
During my subsequent experiences I have successfully managed both food and non food business, I have worked in the B2C and B2B, I have dealt mainly with products, but also services.
The experience as a consultant I saw also combine 6 advertising companies (1 ATL, 2 BTL and 3 web/digital agencies) and a research agency allowing me to enjoy the view from the "other side of the desk," so I can easily quantifiable cost saving ensure a quick and easy benchmark (please see www.benchmarketing.it: I designed and implemented a project that leads to cost savings to the client companies called "Benchmarketing Solution".
My actual job is to support the top management to define and maintain a positioning shared (in small daily activities and operations as the important strategic choices), I myself am conscious of having a professional positioning unique for the reasons described above and resulting from my professional history (I have always researched to a uniqueness to emerge, too).
I’m inevitably curios about any online news (see on Youtube summary of 5 min. of my press conference by typing "sonotigre" or my surname).
At these web domains I uploaded my first startup portal (on line since
September 2017) and the business plan, in Italian and in English: http://www.youshortvideo.com/



Curriculum vitae

Marketing Top Manager in 5 Companies (Barilla, Vicenzi, Amadori, Martini, Compass PLC, Gruppo Mauro Saaviola, Emmi AG), Researcher and Consultant (from 2010), Now happy "YouShort" Startupper coordinating my team.



Paolo Mario Aghem (Italy)
email: paolo@benchmarketing.it
Skype: paolo.mario.aghem1
Mobile: 0039 3292184840



For my stratup YouShort: I'm looking for an Investor.



As a manager I followed the launches of Pangrì, Michetti, Pani Bauletto, Fuori Orario Snack, MiniVoglie, Piatti Pronti, new formats of commercial catering Buonappetito, some catalogs of furniture in kit (DIY), Yogurth Trentina and sub-brand "Alto Piacere". Relaunch of Ringo Pavesi, Biscotti Vicenzi, Tigre Cheese. Creator of the "P-Greco" sponge, winner of a world design award. I have always increased market share, turnover and pre-tax profit. I selected and trained my collaborators creating a relaxed atmosphere with clear roles and hierarchies. Attentive to computer innovation, I have proposed management and online investments by providing a ROI punctually obtained. The consulting activity of management is covered by professional secrecy, by the way nothing has changed compared to when I was a manager, always proposing me both to define the strategic aspects and then follow the operational ones. As a startupper I've been working at "YouShort" for almost 4 years, I've invested most of the time worked over the past 2-1/2 years as well as important financial resources.


YouShort: la startup che è il primo talent online di soli cortometraggi

Start up

YouShort, il primo talent competitivo meritocratico on line ed al tempo stesso anche il primo social di soli cortometraggi di qualità (video brevi della durata inferiore ai 5 minuti) ma anche nuova forma di entertainment, oltre che innovativo media pubblicitario (quindi sono ben 4 le novità)!

A questo dominio ho fatto caricare il business plan in italiano ed in Inglese:

A quest'altro il portale, siamo in 'demo version' ma tutto funziona perfettamente:

Voglio cambiare il mondo in meglio, almeno quello digitale e multimediale! Dal mio osservatorio posso fare questo e non sarebbe una piccola cosa ...
Amo l'armonia e la bellezza che sono sicuro che ognuno di noi ha dentro, la mia startup si pone anche questo obiettivo valorizzando in modo nuovo una forma d'arte che le racchiude tutte. 'Anche il cinema, e i cortometraggi video, racchiudono infatti numerose forme d'arte come letteratura, teatro, pittura, scultura, musica, filosofia come rappresentazione filosofica della realtà, visione, immaginazione, sogno'.

Ho 55 anni, sono stato marketing manager in 7 grandi aziende, dal 2010 sono consulente e ricercatore di mercato.
Ti chiedo gentilmente di fornirmi un account email a cui poter inviare altre informazioni complementari qualora tu sia interess ato come Investor della Company YouShort s.r.l. (ti verranno trasmesse tutte le protezioni legali e commerciali, sono molto prudente ed etico).
A presto,

Paolo Mario Aghem (Italy)
email: paolo@benchmarketing.it
Skype: paolo.mario.aghem1
mobile: 0039 3292184840